Progress Report 3

I am still in the process of filming the subjects for my documentary as well as B-Roll. If time permits, I’ll be looking to add additional subjects to the documentary. I want to make sure I have ┬ádiverse perspectives presented in the narrative.

The premise of my project has not changed since I first proposed it but the responses I receive during interviews are definitely not what I expected. This does not change the purpose of the documentary, if anything it makes the process more interesting. It has been eye opening to hear the stories of my subjects.

My most recent accomplishment is confirming the content of, as well as filming the b-roll for the different subjects. My next step is continuing to conduct these interviews. I am gone from campus for a week as I am in florida with family for thanksgiving, so this limits the time available to film content. Although, I am also filming my grandparents (Cuban immigrants) while here and so this week provides ample time to conduct their interviews and B-roll.

Once I enter the final step of editing all my content, I am expecting to run into issues as I am trying more advanced editing through Adobe Premiere Pro. I’ve typically been successful when using Adobe programs through trial and error, I just need to ensure that I provide myself enough time to edit.

screen grabs from some filmed content:

(Professor Jose Sainz)


(Student, Christine Ayad)


(Christine Ayad, B-roll)


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