I do not like Coding Manifesto

I still stand by the statement that coding is a digital art form, where users can create functional programs through custom permutations of a programming language. Now, I would expand that to say that coding is an art form that requires a lot of memorization of permutations and consequently a lot of work and frustration just to move past the most basic functions. To some extent, I think being a successful or even functioning coder requires a mathematically inclined frame of mind. I do not and will not ever enjoy math, so I have once again realized that I thoroughly dislike coding.

During this coding segment of the course, I understood small concepts within the chapters but honestly I do not think I could effectively re-apply these concepts if asked to present them after the initial teaching days. I know more about the mechanisms that are required to code, but I do not think my competence genuinely showed much improvement from when I promptly decided to drop computer science two weeks into the course.

I attempted to learn coding through the instruction provided in our text, but I think the author wrote the text assuming that the readers know more than they do. The lessons provided by peers were definitely helpful, but again I do not think it brought me to a level of legitimate competence. I think I was more partial to the concepts regarding cultural approaches to coding. I loved learning about programs that successful coders were able to create that brought aid and awareness to social issues.

To be frank, I do not see myself pursuing coding any further. Simultaneously, I will continue to seek proficiency in digital programs that coding played a fundamental/crucial part in creating. Working with adobe programs and online tools (i.e., Hootesuite) has played a major part in my coursework through out college and I thoroughly enjoy it. Knowing this, I owe thanks to coders who have made it possible to thrive in a digital content related field, but I will never be joining them.


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